24 Hours in Mendocino

Before even arriving in the States I had done quite a lot of research and planning for our US road trip. As we were on a tight timescale I booked all of our accommodation ahead of time. One of the places I was really excited to visit was the coastal town of Mendocino. We only stayed there for one night but it was totally worth the short stopover.


We arrived in Mendocino late in the afternoon after a long drive from Yosemite (more about that adventure coming soon!) and checked into the Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn. I booked this place through Airbnb, which is how I booked all of accommodation for our road trip. It was a really cute inn, although it had a somewhat ‘spiritual’ feel to it which might not be to everyone’s taste we thought it was the perfect place to rest for the night. After settling into our room we did a bit of exploring round town but soon decided we were hungry so went in search of food. After a quick internet search we found a great sports bar called Pattersons which serves yummy food and has an enormous choice of beers to choose from. We managed to stuff ourselves to the brim thanks to the typically American portion sizes and it goes without saying we probably had one too many beers but it was totally worth it and I would definitely recommend the food and atmosphere there.

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We then stumbled back to our bed and breakfast so we could try and get up early and do some exploring! It is safe to say we both woke up a little worse for wear and not quite as early as we had hoped but hey that is what holidays are for! Although breakfast was included in the price of our accommodation I had heard great things about The Good Life Cafe so we headed there instead. This lovely cafe is super popular so I would recommend getting there early, it is worth it as the food is delicious and there have plenty of options for vegans too (FYI the portion sizes are MASSIVE). After once again stuffing our faces with food and coffee we went for a wander around the numerous shops. The town itself is super cute, and all of the buildings are really pretty and every garden is full to the brim with pretty flowers. In fact, there are flowers planted where ever possible throughout the town which just adds to it’s charm.

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After resisting buying anything from the shops Carl and I headed down to the beach where I obviously took a million photo’s and I even got Carl to take some of me! The Mendocino coastline is really beautiful, there are so many wild flowers and lot’s of wildlife too. Although Mendocino is a popular tourist destination, it isn’t overrun with people so it is easy to have a relaxing time there. We spent a good hour exploring the beach and admiring all the gorgeousness everywhere. Unfortunately we had to leave in the afternoon but not before picking up a coffee from Moody’s for the journey, which I would recommend.

I think you will agree despite not having very long in Mendocino we managed to pack a lot in. I would recommend stopping off here if you are heading up the west coast, even if it is just to have a quick look round town. I wish we had stayed a bit longer as there was so much to see in the surrounding area including lot’s of wineries but it just gives me an excuse to go back to Mendocino again one day.

Have you been to Mendocino before? What do you think of it? Don’t forget to read my previous posts about our West Coast adventure.