Reasons To Visit Malta

Before going Malta I have to admit it wasn’t particularly high on my list of places I wanted to visit. I am not sure why, I guess just didn’t know that much about the island so never really considered it. However, we booked tickets on a whim last year and ended up spending a week there over the festive period and now I am always telling people to visit Malta!

Visit Malta

It is beautiful

I honestly wasn’t expecting Malta to be as beautiful as it is. It has some of the most beautiful buildings and much like the Greeks the Maltese people love a colourful door. In fact I spent a lot of time snapping photo’s of said doors! The capital city of Valletta has some particularly nice buildings and as if that wasn’t enough the whole island is surround by gorgeous coastline.

The weather is nice all year round.

It goes without saying Malta is super hot during the summer months but the weather isn’t bad in the winter either. Granted it is exactly bikini weather but there is still plenty of sunshine. We were there in December and the temperature was about 18 degree Celsius on average – much warmer than the UK! This makes Malta the perfect place to escape those winter blues!

Visit Malta Visit Malta

The locals love their island

The people of Malta love their little island which just adds to it’s charm. They are super enthusiastic about suggesting places to visit and things to do and are happy that you have come to visit their island. You never feel like you are being an annoying tourist.

Life is slower

Island life is such that it at least feels a little slower than that of the UK. The people are relaxed, buses show up when the driver feels like it, which although can be frustrating, is also quite endearing.

Scuba diving

Malta is considered to be one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. So if the underwater world is your thing then you should definitely visit Malta.

You can take a day trip to Gozo

As if there wasn’t enough to do in Malta you can hop on a ferry and explore Gozo which is like stepping back in time twenty years or so. Gozo is a beautiful island and definitely worth a visit, much like Malta itself, Gozo is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is full of gorgeous architecture.

Visit Malta

As you can see there are so many reasons to visit Malta. Let me know if you think I have missed anything!

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  1. Laura Torninoja 15th November 2016 / 11:33 am

    Seeing this post made me so happy because I am actually going to be spending Christmas in Malta this year – I can’t wait! I’ve never been and don’t really know what to expect so I’m just hoping there’ll be lots of sunshine – fingers crossed! I’m gonna go read all your other Malta posts now haha x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Lucy 17th November 2016 / 10:03 pm

    Ah I wish I’d read this a few weeks ago when we were deciding where to go for a quick January getaway! We’ve gone for Budapest which I’m mega excited about but not too sure about in terms of weather hahaha! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  3. Camila @ AdventitiousViolet 28th November 2016 / 4:50 am

    Sounds wonderful! I have a friend who is from there and I was definitely convinced when she told me about it. I was hoping to spend the winter holiday there in December, but I’m still in Canada. Maybe next year 🙂

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