Exploring Broadway Market

This weekend Carl and I headed off to London. After finding a reasonably priced Travelodge in Hackney we decided to use it as an excuse to explore the area. Neither of us had ventured into this part of London before mainly because we never go anywhere else other than Borough Market! This time however, we got to explore Broadway Market which is now my new favourite place in London!

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We started our day with breakfast at L’eau à La Bouche, a cute little delicatessen and cafe where I had some lovely granola with yogurt and fruit compote. It is a bit of a tight squeeze and there is a large communal table which isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but the food was good. Broadway Market was only just setting up so we went for a long walk to Spitelfields Market before heading back in the afternoon which is where the fun began. We started off by ordering a Vietnamese coffee and a  ginger tea which took us right back to our travels in Asia! We soon followed that with plenty of mulled wine and cider. Broadway Market isn’t that big nor does it get super busy (at least not by London standards) so it was lovely to walk around looking at all the food and craft stands. It is a great place to people watch as there is plenty of seating and they have live music too which gives the place a great atmosphere – even in the rain! The fact that all the stalls looked super festive really added to the market’s charm and there we lot’s of local walking buy with christmas trees they had just purchased and don’t get me started on how cute the shop windows looked!

broadway-market-6 broadway-market-7 broadway-market-9 broadway-market-10 broadway-market-11 broadway-market-12 broadway-market-13 broadway-market-14 broadway-market-15 broadway-market-carl broadway-market-mehackney broadway-market-15 broadway-market-16 hackney-2 hackney-4 hackney-5 hackney-7 hackney-8

We ended our evening by having Thai food at The Dove which was SO GOOD. We weren’t really sure where we would end up eating, but this lovely pub was recommended by the barman at the previous pub we had been drinking in and as well as the food tasting delicious, it was really reasonably priced too! We had such a lovely day exploring the market and surrounding area and it nice to avoid all of the crowds in central London which are insane this time of year. I think next time we stay in London we will definitely head back to the Travelodge in Hackney and explore even more of what it has to offer – a day just wasn’t long enough!

Have you been to Broadway Market before? What is your favourite market in London? Don’t forget to read all about my previous adventures in London.