January Through My Lens

January feels like it has been the longest month. It is no secret I hate the winter months, especially January. I always feel a bit low and I tend to just use the time to look after myself and relax. There is always a bit of guilt that comes with this. While everyone else seems to be in full swing with their New Years resolution I am accepting the fact that I will achieve nothing this month. I know there is no point in trying to fight the lethargy. I know it will pass and soon enough I will be back on top form again. In fact towards the end of January that is exactly what happened.

Having barely picked up my camera or done much in the way of blogging during the first half of January, suddenly things started to change. I think a lot of this had to do with having a clear out. My house started to become a bit cluttered so inspired by that Marie Kondo book I decided to embark on a bit of a clear out which in turn cleared my mind. I guess it is true what they say about tidy house, tidy mind! I dare say booking some holidays didn’t hurt my mental state either! In fact we now have three holidays booked throughout the year which has really lifted my spirits.

January ended on a massive high when I went up to Aberdeen to visit my best friend Cecilia, who had no idea I was coming! Her husband Pete and I had been planning this surprise for months so it was great to finally see her. It was so good to catch up with my besy friends as I really don’t get to see them much. It was also good to be back in Aberdeen, where I lived for nearly eight years. I will share more about what we got up to very soon.


Most of these photos were taken from some walks Carl and I went on with Leo and the last couple are from Aberdeen. I have decided I will do a round up post like this at the end of every month. Hopefully it will encourage me to take my camera out more!

What did you get up to this month? Have you been hibernating like me? Or are you one of those people who is kicking ass with your New Year goals! Let me know below.


  1. Mimmi 2nd February 2017 / 8:25 pm

    Gorgeous photos! January is a bit of a dreary month, but you’ve captured it beautifully in these photos. And how lovely that it ended on a high!


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