A Little Catch Up

Hey guys! It’s been a while hasn’t it? In fact so long I am not even sure if anyone will even read this post! To be honest I don’t even know where to start with writing this, life seems a little crazy and all over the place at the moment. So much has changed since I last wrote any kind of life related update and I haven’t even told you about my recent trip to Bosnia. I am definitely failing at blogging!!

First up, the big news. I’m now single. It feels both exciting and horrible all at the same time. After spending almost seven years with the same person, to suddenly find myself alone is a bit scary. I won’t go too much into things on here because hey, the internet is really not the place to be oversharing. Anyhow after spending the last few weeks drinking a bit too much wine and probably not looking after myself properly, I am now taking some time to get myself back on track.

Part of that process involves potentially blogging again. I miss it. However, the blogging world has changed so much since I started back in 2014 and I find it very difficult to connect to it in the way that I used to. Having said this, I think I want to give it a go again and just do my own thing. Don’t except super curated posts, just me, sharing lots of photos and some random thoughts.

As I mentioned earlier, at the start of August I went on a little solo trip to Bosnia Herzegovina which was awesome and I will devote a couple of posts to it because it is definitely a destination everyone should visit. I am also heading to Lisbon at the end of the month. I actually land there on my birthday and I am staying in a hostel so hopefully I will find lots of friends to celebrate with! I have been looking forward to visiting Lisbon all year and although it was meant never meant to be a solo trip I am embracing this change. I am hoping it will encourage to get my camera out more. I don’t know why but I seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut photography wise and I go for weeks on end without picking my camera up. Every time I do start snapping a way I realise how much I love it, I think I just need to get back into the habit and perhaps set myself some projects.

When I come back from Lisbon I will be deciding where to go for Christmas. It’s currently between Dublin or New York, obviously Dublin is the far cheaper choice but New York is my happy place and I feel like I could really benefit from a little festive trip there. We shall see though! If you have any suggestions on destinations to visit at Christmas do let me know as I could do with some inspiration!

So tell me! What have you all been up to lately?