Lisbon Told In Numbers

Well, would you believe it? I’m back from Lisbon! I have to say it was an adventure from start to finish with some wonderful times and also some pretty low times too.  In fact this trip pretty much gave me all of the feels but I am going to go into it in way more detail later in the week because you know me, I like to drag these things out. In the meantime here is a little taster of Lisbon in the form of numbers…

20,000+ – steps I walked on average each day.

8 – the number of blisters I have on my feet after all of that walking.

20 – how many pastéis de nata I consumed. Not even ashamed.

3 – pounds I have put on from eating said Pastéis de nata. Still not ashamed.

2.5 – roughly the amount of hours wasted getting lost. No travel adventure is complete without Google Maps sending you the wrong way though. Yes, I am blaming Google and not my inability to follow simple instructions.

7 – pancakes consumed. The hostel I stayed in served the best pancakes for breakfast each morning and even in my most hungover state I always managed to head down for one every morning.

4 – bottles of wine consumed. I mean, this is a best guess and let’s not even get started on beer and cocktail consumption. Detox for the rest of the month me thinks!

2 – pairs of shoes that had to be thrown in the bin.

15+ – cups of coffee. Much like the wine, this is just a guess but just know Lisbon may have left me with a slight caffeine addiction.

100+ – number of times I considered quitting my job and going travelling again.

2 – Lemon, Rosemary and Honey ice creams consumed. Is anyone else noticing a strong food theme here?

50+ – times I nearly got run over by a tram. I really need to start paying attention!

2 – failed attempts to go to the flea market. Third time was a charm and I made it there on my very last day.

And there we have it, just a quick post to give you an idea of what I got up to in Lisbon, which was apparently just eat and drink. Obviously there was way more to my trip than that so stay tuned if you want to read more about my Lisbon adventures soon!


  1. Sophie Cliff 10th October 2017 / 10:00 am

    Oooooh, you’ve made me really miss Lisbon! So jealous of your Pastéis de nata consumption x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Laura Emilia 10th October 2017 / 5:00 pm

    Such a fun idea for a blogpost! And I can definitely relate – travelling for me is mostly about food and drink too…

    I can’t wait to go to Lisbon one day, it looks so beautiful! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Sarah @ DaydreamsofSummertime 11th October 2017 / 12:38 pm

      Thanks Laura! I would definitely reccomend Lisbon it’s such a beautiful chilled out city! x

  3. Dannielle @ Chicadeedee 12th October 2017 / 4:08 pm

    I mainly eat and drink on mine too, and then not feel too guilty about it because i rack up over 20,000 steps a day too! Walking everywhere has it’s perks, more ice cream allowed.

  4. Camila @ AdventitiousViolet 1st November 2017 / 11:54 am

    haha what a perfect way to summarise your trip! We were meant to go to Portugal in October and we had to cancel and I’m gutted! But we’ll definitely go another time!

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