Wonderful Wednesday #6

You might have noticed I missed last week’s Wonderful Wednesday post, this was because I was on holiday in Lisbon having far too much of a good time to bother blogging. I have to say I do enjoy putting these posts together, especially at the moment when life is a little bit up and down, it’s always good to focus on the good things happening. Enough of my rambling though, here are a few wonderful things from the last couple of weeks.

Looking after Leo

When Carl and I broke up he took our dog Leo, only because it works out better for Leo. He gets to spend all day with Carl’s mum instead of being at home alone all day which is what would happen if I had of kept him. Anyhow, for various reasons I am looking after him this week and it’s been lovely. The biggest thing I notice when Leo comes to stay is how much better I sleep, I don’t know if it’s because I feel safer having a big dog in the house at night or not, but all I know is I have gone from not sleeping well at all to getting all of the sleep. You can’t beat doggy cuddles.

Creating a routine

The biggest thing I have noticed since becoming single is how boring it can be when I come home from work. There is no one to talk to and sitting watching telly all evening just doesn’t appeal. In the last week though I have started to create a routine, where I come in and cook myself a meal while listening to an audiobook or watching a YouTube video. After that I have been either editing photos or writing blogposts. It’s so much more productive than watching TV, although don’t get me wrong, I occasionally still like to pass a couple of hours watching Law and Order SVU!

Cosy Jumpers

Since coming back from Lisbon is seems like autumn has well and truly set in and the days have suddenly become so much shorter. I can’t say I am too thrilled at having to get up for work in the dark but I do love how much colder it has become and that I have an excuse to wear cosy knits. I might have been naughty and ordered this one from Zara, it’s just so comfy though!

Lovely Post

I posted on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago about how I was struggling to sleep and the lovely Gemma offered to send be some essential oil samples to see if they would help. I came back from holiday to find a lovely little package and this week I will be trying them out! Thanks Gemma!

Hanging out with the girls

It was my birthday just before I went to Lisbon so I went out for tapas with my girlies. It was so nice just to hang out with friends, drinking wine and eating all of the food and is something I definitely want to do more of. Yes, I have become one of those people who has split up from her boyfriend and now wants to spend all of her time with her friends!!


Obviously I have to mention Lisbon in this post. Despite a rocky start (never arrive to an unfamilliar city hungover on your birthday!) I had a blast of a time and it was just what I needed. Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to step out of your real life for a week to help gain some perspective!

And that’s it for this week folks, if you want to read about my Lisbon adventures I will be putting up a post on Friday so be sure to keep an eye out for it and dont forget to pop on over to the other Wonderful Wednesday bunch  Sally, KateHelenJoCatMichelleLauraEleanorLynseySamEmma and Kerri!


  1. Sally Crangle 11th October 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Firstly HOW did i miss that you’d gone to LISBON?!?! Bloody algorithms!!! It’s on my litle list of places i really want to go and so i’ll have to give you a shout for some recommendations.

    What a lovely list. I am guilty of not spending nearly enough time with my girlfriends, like you say especially when you’re in a relationship BUT the sign of a really good friend is when you can meet up with them and feels just like you saw each other the day before it’s so familiar.

    Also praise be to routines in whatever form they come in! I’m a real creature of habit – i’m forever busy and i find a real comfort in the routine part of my day – it’s strangely calming.

    And always yes to puppy dog cuddles. I’ve always had a dog growing up but sadly the Mr and I just do not have the time for one at the moment. I always love visiting home and seeing our pet dog – there’s no other companion quite like a dog is there?! Maybe you can arrange to have him more often?

    Sending love and wishing you a lovely rest of week xxxx

  2. Peta 12th October 2017 / 4:42 pm

    Oh what a wonderful wonderful wednesday post!! You’ve made me heart all full and happy. I’m glad to hear you slept better with Leo around, doggy cuddles are the best!! I hope you’re well and had a fab time in Lisbon. The days are getting shorter here too now and I’m digging out my wooly knits ready for the cold spell!
    Peta x

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