A Very Rainy Trip to Lake Bohinj

It’s time for another Slovenia post! After Ljubljana I headed to Lake Bled (more about that later in the week) and during my stay there I took a day trip to Lake Bohinj. While Lake Bled is absolutely beautiful, Lake Bohinj is on a whole other level and it’s only a forty minute bus ride from Bled. Unfortunately I picked the worst day in terms of weather to visit, but even in the pouring rain and fog the lake still looked stunning.

I got off the bus at one end of the lake with the intention of walking all the way to the other end, however, I didn’t quite make it as the weather was that bad. In fact I think I was the only person stupid enough to even consider this walk as I didn’t see another sole outside of the main town. Not only that, none of my clothing was waterproof so I ended up getting soaked through and by the end of my walk I looked like a drowned rat! The scenery around Lake Bohinj reminded my a lot of New Zealand and I really didn’t expect Slovenia as a whole to be just so beautiful. It is definitely one of the most stunning countries I have visited in Europe.

I was pretty unlucky with the weather as a couple of days later the whole area was covered in snow which would have been lovely to see. I am so tempted to go back to Slovenia in the summer or maybe next Christmas just so I can explore more of this beautiful area in better weather. Have you been to Lake Bohinj before? Let me know below!

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