Snapshots of Sopot, Poland

During my weekend in Gdansk I took a trip to the seaside town of Sopot. This picturesque town is only a twenty minute train ride away from Gdansk and is well worth a visit if you get the chance. I think it was probably my favourite day of the weekend as nothing beats a bit of fresh sea air and a stroll along the beach on a Sunday.

I had seen a few photos of Sopot before I went and thought it looked nice but it was even prettier than I expected!  I thought it might be quiet and maybe even a bit bleak like Jurmala beach is in Riga at this time of year but it was full of people – both tourists and locals – taking a Sunday walk. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I spent a couple of hours walking along the beach and taking all of the photos. By far my favourite thing about Sopot was the swans, there are a large number who like to pester people for bread and I could have easily spent all day photographing them.

I loved the style of the buildings in Sopot, there was something very grand about the hotels on the beach front and it was little like going back in time. The whole area made me wish that seaside towns in the UK could be a little bit more like this. I am sure there are lovely ones in the UK but my nearest one is Cleethorpes which isn’t quite the same! And there we have it – that ends my weekend in Poland. I can’t recommend a weekend in Gdansk highly enough and a trip to Sopot should not be missed. If I find cheap flights again I will definitely be heading back, I would especially like to see what it’s like in the summer when the weather is warmer.